About Our Dispensary

We Work Hard To Provide The Best Quality Medical Cannabis in York County

It all begins at our Southern Maine cultivation site, where all the medical marijuana flowers and products derive. Through our water filtration system, humidity and temperature-controlled environments, CO2 air flow, and daily sanitation routines nothing stands in our way in producing remarkable cannabis. The medical cannabis we deliver is free of pesticides and any harsh chemicals. At our medical marijuana dispensary we believe all patients should have access to clean and safe marijuana, and we practice what we preach. As a safeguard all employees wear medical grade gloves through the entire process and keep cultivation rooms and work areas immaculate.

Our MMJ Farm

Tops Farm is not just named for our top-notch employees, our top of the line growing techniques, or top-quality genetics, but because we strive to only sell and grow top colas. One way we like to quality control our bud sizes is through weeding out smaller buds. Not letting those go to waste, we use smaller pop-corn buds to create our 1 gram pre-rolls. No trim jays here. Each bud is carefully hand-trimmed by a seasoned staff of trimmers with good eyes and quick hands. Our specific harvesting, trimming, and curing process ensures the proper moisture levels in the cannabis buds we package and rids them of excessive stems and shake.

Just as important as the plants we grow, so is the team we build. Tops Farm fosters a knowledgeable staff of growers, cultivators, and harvesters alike. Starting with one hard working and determined medical marijuana caregiver, Tops Farm established an entire York Maine based workforce of diligent and bright people. Harboring this nurturing environment for the plants and the people tending to them is a top focus. 

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